Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quality Assurance: Moving Your Organization Beyond Testing

Instructor: Jeff Payne

Why Software Fails
Software is different from everything we create in the physical world
Software quality is poorly measured and managed

What is real QA?
Some traditional methods dont mention quality, software, value to the customer

Verification - Old school QA - have we built the product right?
Conforming with standards, following the process, tracing back artifacts to requirements
Process oriented/process centric
Only do the parts that you think have value
dont require much software knowledge

Validation - have we built the right product?
validate against requirements document
require much more software expertise than verification (you have to be technical)

Risk Management & QA
Focus on critical components
Risk Matrix: consequence vs. likelihood

What is the purpose of collecting metrics?
Goal Question Metric (GQM) (google it)

Defect Metrics: defects produced, corrected, rates
good because they get to the heart of the matter: does the software work
how close are we to being done

Risk Metrics: how many risks have been identified/mitigated etc, code coverage

Productivity/rework metrics
velocity: how much did we get done in an iteration (measure per team not person)
rework: time & effort spent fixing defects
time spent building new things vs fixing old things

Relative metrics and trends better than absolute and individual numbers

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